Healthy Yogurt Cups

So if you know me personally, you would know that I LOVE ice cream. In fact, it is my favorite food. Like I’ve mentioned before, I try to find healthier alternatives for foods that I enjoy that aren’t necessarily healthy. So, I have turned to fruit yogurt cups. I’m sorry that I do not have… Continue reading Healthy Yogurt Cups

21 Things I Learned in Year 21.

I turned 22 this past week. Growing up I always thought 21 was the big year I was going to fully experience life. March 2016-March 2017 was a really eventful year and I’ve learned so much these past 12 months. So here are my 21 things I learned in when I was 21. 1. Life… Continue reading 21 Things I Learned in Year 21.

Look Around You and Even Look Back

Yes, it’s still February. Even though it is February the weather has been “nice” these past few days. I only put the quotes around nice because it is still February and it’s not supposed to be this warm so early on. Anyways, there is always something inviting about warm weather. The atmosphere changes around campus. As… Continue reading Look Around You and Even Look Back

DUMBO, Brooklyn

I’ve always wanted to go to Brooklyn. My family members and my friends don’t really understand why I have this desire to visit but why not right? I always thought Brooklyn was artistic and the atmosphere was very different from the other boroughs. Authentic. So one morning, I decided to take a 2 hour trip one… Continue reading DUMBO, Brooklyn

Non-Dairy Mac & Cheese

I wanted to share one of the healthier recipes I have been obsessed with lately. This is a healthier alternative to mac and cheese. Personally for me, dairy makes me break out so this is a non-dairy recipe, or what my roommate would call “fake mac and cheese” is a delicious alternative to one of… Continue reading Non-Dairy Mac & Cheese